Rules Download Links reminder & PAXAUS location

For anyone visiting this site for the first time please hit the downloads section for the full rules, the demo kit including a small selection of cards, and various tokens, our Match Guide, and other documents. We’ll be at PAXAUS this weekend as part of the TGDA booth in the Tabletop area from 1-4pm Friday […]

Academy Pt6

Part 6 is the first time I’ve switched from one set of characters to another within the narrative, I’m hoping it’s seemless enough. DORMITORY Feet thumping up the stairs heavily, Ego Man exhaled aggressively turning to look down each of the six corridors branching off from the central chamber. Frustrated, he shouted again at no […]

Academy Pt5

Part 5 of Academy. The smaller woman placed her ceramosculpt mug back down, now empty of the fruit and spiced tea she had finally settled upon. Steam still rose from Daisy’s mug, held in both hands carefully under her nose in front of her face. “So, those implants allow you to really access a lot […]

Academy Pt4

Part four sees a flashback for Liliana, and introduces one of the key background characters of the setting with a bit more exposition.   Or wankery, whatever you want to call it. Thoughts/comments appreciated!   BECAUSE IT’S THERE The metallic ring echoed sharply in the cold air as she struck the piton repeatedly, driving it […]

Academy Pt3

Posted back in June on our Patreon, here is the third serialised instalment of Academy. All the fiction posts have now been marked public, and as new ones go up over there they will now be marked to become public 30 days after posting. AlliancesAlong with the others of similar chemical and atmospheric nature, the […]

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