Dare Games Oz has been formed to produce games connected within its own intellectual property, with the following mission statement:

  • To use Australian designers, artists, and production where possible.
  • To provide fun, inclusive, and diverse games.
  • To provide both system and organised play rules to cater to the most casual or most serious gamer.
  • To build a strong, positive and inclusive community around our games.
  • To at all times keep in mind the motto “For love of the game.”

The first game to launch via Dare Games Oz is Mecha Strike Arena, a 10mm scale low model count miniatures game set in the 28th century. Please go to the Mecha Strike Arena page for more details on our flagship game.

The only art used within this page from non Australian sources comes from either Hubble/ESA or The Noun Project under creative commons licenses.

Mecha Strike Arena and Dare Games oz logos by Matthew Lee of www.matthewleedesign.com.au