Demo Rules

Quick reminder our demo rules are available on our downloads page!


The demo kit is a very basic tier 0 Mecha setup with short range weaponry, best played on a 2 foot by 1 foot board to about 150 points.

Demron Crusher & Vzkor Battlesuit

Two Mecha Frames have hit the website this evenint, the Demron Industrial Crusher and the Vzkor Battlesuit.

Both Walkers, the Crusher is the Largest Mecha to hit the Arena, while the Battlesuit is almost the smallest.

As always the Demron Frame has Muscle 3  to bring some heavy melee strikes for martially adept pilots, while the Vzkor Battlesuit requires a bit of finesse and planning to use effectively.

Take a look and get ready for them both in the card decks, coming to the webstore in the first few weeks of December.

MAT-AT spotlight

Good afternoon everyone, todays update is the MAT-AT, our smallest and lightest Rover Mecha, and the first to be heading towards 3d production.

Hit the link and take a look, and over the coming weeks we’ll add more detailed entries to our Mecha page on other Frames.