Rules Download Links reminder & PAXAUS location

For anyone visiting this site for the first time please hit the downloads section for the full rules, the demo kit including a small selection of cards, and various tokens, our Match Guide, and other documents.

We’ll be at PAXAUS this weekend as part of the TGDA booth in the Tabletop area from 1-4pm Friday and 1-6pm Sunday. Catch us for a demo or to buy a deck, or just swing past to say hi!

Website updates

Good afternoon everyone from here in sun- er, slightly damp South Australia!


We’ve made some minor updates to the website today, first refining the webstore. Rather than the many individual items we previously had listed, we’ve gone back to just general bundles. Please make sure to read the description of the bundles, as most have things like the Blast and Spread templates included.


After a trial period that found some bugs, we’ve also streamlined the Keyword Search to work better, and doubled up on the link for it into the main menu. We considered doing the same with the Characters and Alliances pages, given they’ll be included in other games, but for now we have left them under the Mecha Strike Arena header in the navigation menu.


So far we have at least one new face joining us at the Patreon, we’re hoping to see a few more over the coming months as we continue to provide fresh content through the platform. Please remember we are always keen on feedback and community involvement, and engage us any way you can!

Cards now in stock!

Get your 132 card deck here in our online store  now for the introductory price of $15.

One of the cornerstones of Mecha Strike Arena’s replay ability is the amount of cards in the first release, and the tier system used to separate less powerful cards from those that will blow you away.

Get yours now before they sell out, they’re going up to a regular price of $20 once the first print run is empty.