A Future History

Alastair Reynolds, one of my favourite science fiction authors, introduced me to the idea of the Future History in his Revelation Space series. From the space operas of Chasm City to Galactic North, Reynolds’ narrative spoke of struggle on a grand scale within an inspiring science fiction setting, and I can’t more highly recommend his work.

Flash forward to today, and I give you my briefest of Future Histories to set if not the tone, then the setting of Mecha Strike Arena out for you. Please have a read of A Future History, in brief to see how humanity within the Strikeverse (boy do I need to figure out a better name than that) went from today to the 28th century, with a Kardashev II (not Kardashian) scale power at their disposal.

Backers of the Patreon when it launches will have access to the main rules document that opens with this as part of the introduction, and will receive regular additions to the narrative. One day maybe I’ll get to live the dream of pouring my soul into a stream of consciousness (Thanks for that one JB!) in a novel format, but expect many short stories, character narratives, and GLORKLOX SPEAKING updates in the months to come.

Demo rules now available!

We’re very proud to bring you the Mecha Strike Arena Demo rules v1.0 over on our downloads page.

It’s taken over a year to design, refine, and get our game as near to perfection as possible, and to finally be able to hand over a document to the public is a huge milestone.

Please have a read, enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions.

Mecha Strike Arena

The first game to launch via Dare Games Oz is Mecha Strike Arena, a 10mm scale low model count miniatures game set in the 28th century. Characters are sports pilot superstars akin to modern race drivers. Instead of formalised race cars, strictly designed Mecha bear weapons, power cores, protective aegis’, systems, and sensors all designed in line with requirements of the overarching Arena Council.

With a seasonal approach to the game, cards for all in game statistics and model info will rotate in and/or out during each season, aimed to be a yearly turn around. While weapons, characters, and the contents or armaments of a Mecha may change over time, models will NEVER go out of rotation, and players are in fact encouraged to make their own models for play.

We are aiming to have official models available at or soon after launch via this website where you can also find the demo rules for Mecha Strike Arena.

One main design goal of Mecha Strike Arena has been to enable hobbyists to use their own models of any kind put on the correct size base, and using the volume templates within the Strike System for line of sight, etc.