Art By Matthew Lee

Location: Primarily rim worlds and rim sector space

Structure: Local, ship or fleet based

Primary Ethos: Raider

Theme: Space Pirates

Primary Colours: White and crimson or blood red

Known Leaders: Captains Huntress, F’enn, Admiral Blazeway

To be labelled among the Corsairs is both a point of pride for many, and yet a prison sentence on most core worlds.

Preying on the weak amongst the rim worlds, Corsairs are less of an actual alliance and more of a reputation of a group of raiders for space piracy. They are often directly opposed by none but local fleets, or hired members of the Mercenaries Guild.

Recently, many post commercial core worlds with little to no concept or care for financial or physical need have begun to view the Corsairs dashingly romantic in an antiquated way.

With no regard for the sapients of the rim worlds that the Corsairs prey upon, several live galactic web feeds have been showcasing the exploits of raider fleets in the rim worlds recently, attracting much attention. For this reason the Arena Council sought out several infamous Corsairs and their enemies amongst the Mercenaries Guild for the first season of the Arena.

The Corsairs include more humans than any other rim world alliance, but are incredibly diverse in that representation. Each individual ship or armada is also a hodge-podge of different alien species, rogue Machine Intelligences, and aggressors driven from the core worlds.