Ganymede Representations Milky Way Arm

Art by Matthew Lee

Location: Represented on approximately 60% of commercial and post commercial core worlds

Structure: Hivework Machine Intelligence directing localised company offices

Primary Ethos: Entertainer

Theme: Sports, creativity, and flashyness

Primary Colours: Individuals vary widely

Known Leader(s): Ganymede

Owned and operated by the hivework Machine Intelligence Ganymede, GRMWA is a marketing group spread through more Core worlds than any other. It is rare to find a commercial core world where it has no influence

While Ganymede itself is rumoured to be formed via aspects of several members of the MI council, it does not share their Kardashev III power base, and focuses its efforts on commerce worlds.

Many suspect that Ganymede is somehow representative of parts of the more basic social functions amongst non Turing2 members of the MI council, as it appears completely intertwined with popularity, commerce, and other concerns beneath the MI councils direct concerns.

The sports, creatives, and entertainment stars flying the milky way logo of GRMWA are all exceedingly popular and well known.