Mercenaries Guild

Art By Matthew Lee

Location: Non specific, but with officers on many rim and commercialised core worlds

Structure: Professional Association

Primary Ethos: Militarist

Theme: Guns for hire

Primary Colours: Greys, browns, blacks

Known Leaders: Billy the Bounty Hunter

The Mercenaries Guild is less like the guilds of artisans and merchants of the days its name suggests, and more like a well organised club of hired thugs.

Most among their number are hard, rough, professional militarists with nothing more than a desire to get paid for the thing that they do best – lethal combat.

Often large groups of them are hired by particular rim worlds as protection, but the most famous among their number are more akin to bounty hunters. Individuals such as the infamous Litchfield are hired to track down and capture specific quarry, most frequently Corsairs leading to a long standing rivalry between the two groups.

Much like its rival alliance, the Mercenaries Guild is a vast and diverse group representing races from across the galaxy. It holds more individual alien species than any other alliance, although some would say that is simply good bookkeeping on their part.