Art by Matthew Lee

Location: Primarily MI Council planet Null, location unknown

Structure: None

Primary Ethos: Militarist

Theme: Lost, defeated, and shattered

Primary Colours: Browns, Greens, Grey

Known Leader(s): Tempust

The Remnant alliance holds the discarded or defeated militants of various worlds throughout the galaxy.

First and foremost amongst its number are the Vzkor of the 18th Armada, defeated during recent actions against the Dominion of Zolgar. The immense broodship of Gornoloz’k Matron XUCH has also recently been seen flying the Remnant flag.

Remnants tend to lean upon each other for support, and look out for others similarly displaced, and vessels cast with the colours of the Remnant alliance are becoming more and more common in the rim worlds.

In some places the Remnant alliance has become similar to the Mercenaries Guild, cheaper to hire and almost as reliable. They were first among the preseason players of the Strike Arena, eager to get active and retain some of their lost glory.