Art in by Vivienne Da Silva

Full name: Unknown

Alliance: Mercenaries Guild

Ethos: Wanderer

Species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Home: Unknown

Tier: 1

Release: 1A

Game Keywords: Nemesis [Corsair],

Signature Move: “Bloody Pirates” [20] Destroy a model containing a Corsair

Once a cutthroat pirate near the rim worlds, Litchfield has changed identity many times in their several hundred years of life.

After release of their most recent prison term they have retaken their trademark male body and entered the Strike League to throw down against their ex lover, Captain Huntress.

Rumours abound of an unsettled score between the two, and several potential confrontations have been narrowly avoided in the ISSN halls.

Litchfields last prison sentence was on a rim world after an attempt to capture Huntress went awry.