Art By Craig Lee

Full name: Gz’naH-Grrka

Alliance: The Hunters

Ethos: Raider

Species: Igunosu

Home: Unknown

Tier: 1

Release: 1A

Game Keywords: Heightened Reflexes

Signature Move: “Sneak Attack” [20] Gain a Strike Token while completely within one or more models back arcs.

On The Hunters home planet, Lurk was a minor celebrity. In the Arena, he shows potential but is yet to truly prove himself.

Known for being the only sapient alive to hunt and take down a full grown Uvvr’thk’kla’tan without losing a drop of his own blood, stealth and cunning are his most developed skills.

While he was not among the first of his species to encounter the core worlds he finds them more fascinating than most, immersing himself in the culture of each world he visits.

Rumours claim he has moved his entire patriarchal brood to a hidden rim world with help of a clandestine Alliance sponsor that visited his world behind the other Hunters’ backs.
While their Alliance holds outwardly, they are quick to turn on him and use insults on him that do not translate well into any other language.  Many whisper he may be a fierce challenger to their leader, Rath the Butcher.