Full name: Tempust

Alliance: Remnant

Ethos: Militarist

Species: Vzkor

Home: Null, unkown

Tier: 1

Release: 1A

Game Keywords: Prowess [Cannon], Specialist [Vzkor Battletank], Unwavering

Signature Move: “Solid Shot” [10] Impair an enemy model while it is in a scoring zone

Tempust was a tactically capable warrior amongst the 18th Vzkor Armada when it broke against the Dominion of Zolgar front, one of few with the lucky to extricate himself safely.

Facing charges of desertion and deep shame within the hyper aggressive Vzkor, he combed nearby space picking up other surviving Vzkor. Aiming to resettle on the rim worlds of Earthkind, his troopship was intercepted by Mat Li’s Bakshi research & exploration vessel.

At Li’s suggestion, the Remnant sought refuge with the Machine Intelligence council, ad have been resettled on the mysterious Null world.

Seeking to remain active, Tempust and his fellow 18th Armada remnant Vzkor have thrown themselves into the arena with the few remaining tools at their disposal. He himself was one of the key sapients involved in the Arena Councils pre season testing and combat metrics.

With his personal Vzkor Battletank stripped of its native weapons Tempust has enjoyed the challenge of fighting with the arena weapons, and is finding facing the same opponent more than once an intellectually novel, if somewhat gastronomically unsatisfying, experience.