Full name: Vrono

Alliance: Remnant

Ethos: Militarist

Species: Vzkor

Home: Null, unknown

Tier: 1

Release: 1A

Game Keywords: Prowess [Fist], Specialist [Vzkor Battlesuit], Unwavering

Signature Move: “By the throat” [15] Use Grip on an enemy model while it is outside a scoring zone.

Young by Vzkor standards at only 65 human years, Vrono charges into the arena with violent enthusiasm.

Unlike Tempust he is a young and relatively untested warrior.  A fresh recruit joining the 18th Armada only four months before its destruction, his preferred Mecha is one of the smallest walkers to enter the Arena, the Vzkor Battlesuit.

He has been seen tearing other Mecha to pieces during practice matches with a bloodlust rage that has inspired high ratings since the pre season began.  

Cunning in melee combat, he closes fast, hard, and brings the enemy down in a show of lethal force.