Arena Council

Art By Matthew Lee

Home: Galactic Web

Colours: Purple, red, yellow, blue

Style: Inclusive and diverse

Strengths: Resilient, well connected

As elusive as the Machine Intelligence Council, the Arena Council was formed by the former when it became clear the Strike Arena could be a unifying force within the galactic chaos.

Made of unknown individuals, the only contact with the Arena Council itself is in text from sources unknown via the Galactic Web. The AC has admitted it is formed of Earthkind, primarily Machine Intelligences, and several aliens, but specific identifies are not on record.

The AC set forth the rules of the arena, grants sponsorships to individuals, alliances, or power groups to do with as they see fit, and organises the Strike Arena from the largest to the smallest detail.

All parts of every Mecha are designed under the AC’s strict guidelines, no player is physically able to enter an official match without their consent, and they offer relifing and other medical services to pilots from less advanced civilisations.