Demron Industrial

Art By Matthew Lee

Home: Archera IV, officers on approximately 45% of commercial core worlds

Colours: Black, white, off yellow

Style: Hard, boxy, blocky edged and heavy constructions

Strengths: Advanced musculature design

The oldest and fiercest competitor to Rentis is Demron Industrial, another ancient Sol born corporation. Demron began as primarily a mining corporation, but soon expanded into construction and manufacturing in the Kuiper Belt before the expansion from Sol.

Rumoured to be run by a single post human, Demron now has as many concerns if somewhat smaller scaled than Rentis, but has also been widely rumoured to have been involved in at least two major governmental changes in the Sol system itself, and three major uprisings in rim worlds.

Demron Industrials’ weapons are inelegant in design but deadly in efficiency, and are often the most common amongst humans fighting in any kind of stellar warfare.  They are openly known to be the designers and regular suppliers of many of the less ethical alliances’ technologies.