Hrychek Mecha Design

Art By Matthew Lee

Home: The Athens, interstellar class vessel, position unknown

Colours: Industrial yellow and orange, some black and bare metal

Style: Simple industrial or heavily customised and ramshackle

Strengths: Cheap, effective, and tough as nails

A relatively new company, Hrycek beginning as a rim world Mecha design company but has turned its engineering teams towards Arena Mecha.

Currently relocating offices from rim worlds to various core worlds after floating on the Intergalactic Stock Market fourty years ago, they are very close to buying back a large portion of their shares to regain controlling interest.

Part of Hryceks commercial success has been in no small part thanks to the rim world exploits of popular galactic web identities such as Xenobiologists Mat Li and E’Ri’ Ko’Hall. Their first Arena Frame, the MAT-AT, was in fact named for Li, in honour of his service to intergalactic entertainment and science.

Unfortunately Li’s whereabouts are unknown, and he has been unable to comment on the honour.