InterStellar Sports Network

Art By Matthew Lee

Home: Vega IV

Colours: Silvers & black

Style: Flashy, media

Strengths: Well known presence on the galactic web

A media network covering all manner of games, simulation, and sports, the Interstellar Sports Network is a corporation that could not exist without the wonder of the Galactic Web.

Broadcasting all manner of content freely, ISSN has corporate concerns with sponsorships on commercial worlds, deals with post commercial societies, and has been one of the most unifying forces across the galaxy.

Nearly every civilisation encountered by Earthkind has had some form of sport or game amongst its culture, and the ISSN is inevitably one of the first amongst the powers that represent themselves to newly found or contacted worlds.

Most famous of all ISSN personalities is Glorklox, a foot tall being sharing a disturbing DNA resemblance and appearance to an uplifted potato, known for its monotone yet expressive calling of famous sporting events. It was Glorklox that interrupted the Stellar Olympics (run by ISSN themselves) to note the brief wormhole war and suggest spectators and participants check with their local government representatives.