Koryo Stellar Incorporated

Art By Matthew Lee

Home: Mega Ship Koryo, in vicinity of Centauri System

Colours: Light glowing blues.

Style: Sweeping, smooth, star shaped

Strengths: Bakshi specialists approaching Kardsavhev III levels of energy manipulation

Primarily concerned with starship design and manufacture, Koryo Stellar Incorporated is a producer of starships seen across the galaxy.

Their mastery of Bakshi technology is near unparallelled at all scales of the reactors, and they have been quickest of all corporate identities to “tech down” their abilities for the Arena Councils iron fist regulations.

They have been vocal campaigners to raise Arena ammunition and weaponry restrictions since the first months of the pre season testing, eager to prove what their weaponry can do in front of the masses. A fierce rival of Hashimoto, a fellow starship design corporation, they successfully lobbied to keep that companies technology out of the first season of the Arena.

The Koryo name is taken from the immense research and construction vessel the corporation is based within, loosely placed near the Centauri System.  Their inner culture is purely post commercial, but they are known to be among the most adept financial manipulators in the galaxy, using financial resources to influence commercial worlds for their own research purposes.