Rentis Corporation

Art By Matthew Lee

Home: Sol System, Mars, offices on approximately 60% of commercialised worlds

Colours: Fiery reds and oranges

Style: Strong, curved, bird like

Strengths: Reliability, amongst the most powerful Kardashev II societies technology

Rentis is the corporate power behind much of the pre season push for the Arena. Without their efforts on commercial worlds, the Arena would have barely got a look in compared to some modern pasttimes, but has soared in popularity.

Based on Mars it has been one of the staunchest corporate powers since the earliest years of mankind’s space exploration.  Beginning with the pre F’enn invasion terraforming of Mars, Rentis has seen the rise and fall of over a half dozen Sol governments, fought hostile takeover attempts within its own ranks by other corporations, and holds the galaxies most highly respected and feared litigation army.

Rentis has no primary specialty as it is a true industrial giant.  From weaponry to biotechnology and terraforming, Rentis has a finger in every proverbial pie and offices on more core worlds than any other corporation.

Many key systems of current human Mecha design are based on original Rentis blueprints dating from the corporations early days, when Geoffrey Neumord and his research division helped pull mankind out of the Dystopian Era.