Vzkor Battlesuit

Constructed By: Vzkor Engineering Corps

Commonly used by: Vzkor Armada, Arena pilots, Remnants

Height: 12.5m

Width: 7m across shoulders

Primary materials: Reinforced steel, hydroxylapatite

Art by: James Garrett

3d Design by:

Type: Walker

Size: Small

Game Keywords: Extra Primary, Interface [Vzkor]

When the Remnants of the 18th Vzkor Armada gathered under Tempust and sought refuge, dozens of Vzkor Frames came with them.

Stripped of armaments not within the Arena Councils’ guidelines they have been slightly refitted for Arena combat, bearing less weaponry than standard and minus the horrifying harvester mechanisms their Vzkor Pilots typically feed with.

In a gesture of respect to other Arena pilots after some fierce pre season battles, Tempust has made several Vzkor Frames available to the Arena Council, although non Vzkor find their interface quite difficult to control.

The Vzkor Battlesuit is just what the name implies, a powered exosuit for the tall aliens. Naturally between four and six metres tall, it doubles their height and serves as the frontline fighter in most Vzkor armada.

Like its larger cousin the Battletank, the Battlesuit normally has tentacle like appendages that deploy during combat to snatch up local fauna, flora, and even other sapients for food. Some of the most terrifying sounds known to humanity are the crunching and screaming that follow the swift insertion of a hapless victim into a Battlesuits feeder receptacles.

For this reason Tempust and the other Remnant have removed these devices from the arena Battlesuits, and added armour to cover the sphincter like feeders.