Constructed By: Demron Industrial

Commonly used by: Arena Pilots, Corsairs, multiple rim world militaries and low tech core worlds

Height: 17.5m

Width: 10m across shoulders

Primary materials: Quantum Reinforced Titanium

Art by: Craig Lee

3d Design by:

Type: Walker

Size: Large

Game Keywords: System [1]

The Crusher is Demron Industrials crowning achievement in rim world warfare, and has been a perfect addition to the Arena. Marketed to militaries and warlords alongside its Rover twin, the Mother, it is a monstrous Mecha capable of flattening the average rim city within hours.

Slower than its cousin, the Brawler, the Crusher has a much heavier upper torso with a more central weapon mount and well protected sensor array/cockpit. Most Mecha in the arena have been designed with a more centralised internal cockpit, leaving it as a potential vulnerable point against the right opponent.

Of the Demron Mecha within the Arena, only the Crusher and Mother have been reduced in standard power to fit the Arena Councils restrictions.

Under normal conditions a Crusher is easily twice as powerful as a Brawler, but given the attempt to keep the Arena within a balanced state Demron Industrial has produced these specific models under strict guidelines.