Constructed By: Hrychek Mecha Designs

Commonly used by: Explorers, Arena pilots

Height: 9m

Width: 8m circular footprint

Primary materials: Neumo-carbonite composite

Art by: James Garrett

3d Design by: James Garrett

Type: Rover

Size: Small

Game Keywords: Grit, Low Profile, System [1]

Comissioned by famous xenobiologist Mat Li, the MAT-AT is fast becoming a common workhorse on rimworlds near Hrychek outposts, and has been a popular underdog since its first foray in the Arena.

Designed as a fast, reliable, cheap workhorse, the MAT-AT is one of the few multi legged Mecha to enter the arena.

It’s low chassis allows its pilot to take better advantage of terrain and cover, but as with all small frames it is prone to rapid impairment once its Aegis has begun to take damage.

While the design has shown a remarkable resilience, Arena pundits expect it to truly shine once higher tier systems and ranged weaponry are available to pilots.