A Future History, in brief

After several hundred years of social and economic decline known as the Dystopian Era, mankinds slow expansion into the Sol system unwittingly activated a dormant probe left millenia ago by the insectoid F’enn. As the spread to the solar system improved economic conditions and gave resettlement opportunities the Dystopian Era finally ended. With Machine Intelligences and animal Uplifts dawning, the Bakshi drive of all innovations finally gave the renamed Earthkind access to the stars with faster than light travel.

The F’enn invasion struck without warning and decimated Sol’s meagre defences, enslaving most of Earthkind with their superior yet scavenged technology and subjugated slave races. It took fifty years for the Earth Relief Force to gather out amongst the stars, when the invention and weaponisation of the first Einstein-Ródos wormhole generators allowed Earthkind to regroup and repel the F’enn invasion. Much of the Earth Relief Force turned back to the stars, and within twenty years most of the F’enn Empire had fallen, freeing untold trillions of sapient beings in the nearby areas of the galaxy from their grip.

Thus began the Stellar Renaissance, a period of discovery, colonisation, expansion, and coalition that would last nearly four hundred years before catastrophe would strike at large enough scale to impact the structure of the what had become to be known as the Core Worlds. During the 14th Stellar Olympics unknown aggressors struck with wormhole generators across most of the known galaxy, tearing worlds and civilisations asunder. Many Core Worlds reacted in kind at their neighbours in a brief period now known as the E-R Civil War. It was mankinds most powerful children, the Machine intelligences, who brought it to a swift end.

Using the Galactic Web, a near instantaneous communication network built on a structure of micro E-R wormholes, Machine Intelligences took control of every E-R wormhole generator in the Milky Way galaxy within less than four hours. Several rallied their civilisations to triage the damage done, while an ultimatum was given to the Core Worlds – abide by basic laws of freedom and non aggression, or be cut off from the wormhole access that gave them instantaneous travel between worlds.

Conflict still arose amongst the Core Worlds, but the freshly formed Machine Intelligence Council were nearly instantaneous in their responses to it. The Rim worlds, as those worlds not part of the Core had become to be known, slid further into decline and lawlessness as raiders and ex-Core worlds that refused to be part of the Core continued their aggression.