The Strike Arena

Where conflict between Core worlds could not be settled by diplomatic or other means, gladiatorial combat under strict guidelines was offered by the MI Council using basic and now ancient designs of machines of war. Unintentionally the popularity of the combats rose amongst the Galactic Web with each instance, and soon to the clamour of more singular voices than had ever been heard on a single subject, the Strike Arena was formed.

A sporting institution sponsored directly by a diverse Arena Council, the Strike Arena pre season was an immense success in the Galactic Web. Sport had been present in nearly every civilisation since the dawn of time, and for hundreds of years the InterStellar Sports Network had made a fortune amongst the commercialised Core worlds, and was even popular on most of the post-commercial Core worlds. Machine Intelligences, Humans, Aliens, Uplifted and Created biological sapients from all corners of the galaxy applied to fight in the first season of the Strike Arena, and the season has only just begun.