Website updates

Good afternoon everyone from here in sun- er, slightly damp South Australia!   We’ve made some minor updates to the website today, first refining the webstore. Rather than the many individual items we previously had listed, we’ve gone back to just general bundles. Please make sure to read the description of the bundles, as most have things […]

Post CanCon Post

What a weekend! We’ve got a lot of work to do this week with website updates, planning for next months document releases, and hopefully geting the Collective of Arton preview card out to backers this evening. We really appreciate everyone coming past to take a look, have a demo, or just say hi this weekend. […]

Rules free to download!

While we’re at CanCon this weekend we’re hoping to see a lot of familiar and new faces and show everyone the fun we’ve been having with Mecha Strike Arena. To make things even easier, we’ve added the full rule document to the downloads page for everyone to access! It’s a nice, shiny, colourful PDF of […]

Match Guide 1.0 live

After lots of playtesting, the MSA Match Guide 1.0 is live over on the downloads page. This is the core of what will be several organised play documents, giving players scenarios before we go live with event formats.   For now there are five scenarios to play, but moving forward we’ll be adding one roughly each month, depending […]

Demo Rules

Quick reminder our demo rules are available on our downloads page!   The demo kit is a very basic tier 0 Mecha setup with short range weaponry, best played on a 2 foot by 1 foot board to about 150 points.

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