Match Guide 1.0 live

After lots of playtesting, the MSA Match Guide 1.0 is live over on the downloads page. This is the core of what will be several organised play documents, giving players scenarios before we go live with event formats.   For now there are five scenarios to play, but moving forward we’ll be adding one roughly each month, depending […]

Demo Rules

Quick reminder our demo rules are available on our downloads page!   The demo kit is a very basic tier 0 Mecha setup with short range weaponry, best played on a 2 foot by 1 foot board to about 150 points.

Cards now in stock!

Get your 132 card deck here in our online store  now for the introductory price of $15. One of the cornerstones of Mecha Strike Arena’s replay ability is the amount of cards in the first release, and the tier system used to separate less powerful cards from those that will blow you away. Get yours […]

Tutorial videos

Good afternoon everyone. The first of our two tutorial videos, Movement and Combat, have been posted to our Youtube channel. Check them out!

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