Facebook Live four way game

This evening at Harlequin Halls wargaming club at Blackwood we tried out Facebook Live during a four way game, check it out! Here on Facebook

We have launched

We have officially launched on Patreon! If you’ve liked our demo rules, or have been waiting for a look at the launch rules and cardset (of 80 cards including 32 weapons alone), head on over and back us to get access. We recommend the $5 player level for newcomers, but would love to see veteran gamers […]

The setting of Mecha Strike Arena

Following up on yesterdays blog post and brief future history lesson, the Setting section of our website now contains the briefest of introductions to the why and hows of the Strike Arena itself. More posts will join these two introductory pieces to the game, some on characters, others on alliances, and others on actual game […]

A Future History

Alastair Reynolds, one of my favourite science fiction authors, introduced me to the idea of the Future History in his Revelation Space series. From the space operas of Chasm City to Galactic North, Reynolds’ narrative spoke of struggle on a grand scale within an inspiring science fiction setting, and I can’t more highly recommend his work. Flash forward […]

Demo rules now available!

We’re very proud to bring you the Mecha Strike Arena Demo rules v1.0 over on our downloads page. It’s taken over a year to design, refine, and get our game as near to perfection as possible, and to finally be able to hand over a document to the public is a huge milestone. Please have […]

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